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too tired to type anything, i’ll fix this blog post tmrw
night guys

give me a break polynazn.
>ryuk making me qc at 1am in the morning

fixes that will go into the batch:
11:23 – comment correctly
15:24 – now -> no

torrent | ddl | xdcc

There is now a patch incorporating the above fixes. For Windows users, simply drag and drop the original release into the patch folder and run the batch script. For Unix users, please compile and install the latest xdelta3 and run the command found in the batch script.

Argevollen 01


Hey, after a short staff reshuffle, we’re back cutting the shit out of your subs!

<@fgghjjkll> wow
<@fgghjjkll> this mecha looks much better than the junk he was piloting
<@Heisenburg> ikr
<@Heisenburg> it’s a gundam
<@Heisenburg> instead of a shitty mobile armor
<@Heisenburg> or even a mobile suit
<@fgghjjkll> check out all these hospital grade sensors and screens !
<@Heisenburg> how do they get that detailed data?
<@Heisenburg> there must be a probe up his ass…

Old projects like Hagure are still at me. Nobunagun is still at Ryuk, so bother those guys if you’re still waiting for those shows.

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Blog is back!

Hey guys, we finally got our site back! Many thanks to deu (who lent me his server) and Antoligy, for letting his domain and email account etc.

Some status on projects:
Yes, KKK is officially dropped. (And it has been for quite some time, if you haven’t noticed. Blame PolynAzn).

I am STILL working on Hagure Yuusha. I think I will release them as BDs. I am still editing them.

We, CTSS, aren’t doing anything this season, however, I, fgghjjkll, am subbing Mahouka under STiNX, so check that out if you wish!

Thanks, it’s good to be back!

Best Fansubbers ever, (really.)