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Argevollen 24 Final + TV Batch

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We finally managed to finish yet another project! Thanks for sticking with us if you got this far! Here are some thoughts on the project from various staff:

<@Puff> : oops
<@convexity> can’t comment on something i havent watched
<@Heisen> not as bad as gundam, but nothing really happened either
<@Ryuk> the show
<@Ryuk> was boring
<@tyson> shirt a shit
<@tyson> for dumping this on me at episode 6
<@Ryuk> oh also
<@Ryuk> tyson a god
<@Ryuk> :3
<@tyson> I sure as hell didn’t like this show from the start but it ended up alright. Definitely wasn’t expecting to keep going past that first QC (and I didn’t even know it was two-cour then)
<@tyson> but here i am
<@tyson> lol i never even watched the first five episodes of this show
<@tyson> but yeah. shirt a shit

and more to come…
As for next season, we’re still deciding, but russian bear girls might be a possibility. We are desperately looking for more editors and translators, as unfortunately, our tlc for this show wishes to retire after this season. Please fill out our recruitment form above!

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays and we hope you had a great year!