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I don’t know who still waiting for us, let alone read this blog, but as you can see, we areĀ really behind. Shirt, Ryuk, and I have beenĀ extremely busy with our own RL shit, and as such, our studies must take priority over our hobbies. (Even Shirt’s Danna with Scribbles and Ryuk’s Nanatsu with Chyuu have been delayed to this day.)

This does not mean that this project is stalled. We will work on it during what little time we have.

Also, we’ll need a TLC after Episode 4. If you can speak Japanese fluently (Why are you reading this blog? lol), please leave a comment. We need someone to go through Aniplex’s scripts.

Further note: Regarding our subs of Nobunagun with Watashi, Bungles and I are typesetting that (slowly).


Argevollen 24 Final + TV Batch

Torrent | DDL | XDCC

We finally managed to finish yet another project! Thanks for sticking with us if you got this far! Here are some thoughts on the project from various staff:

<@Puff> : oops
<@convexity> can’t comment on something i havent watched
<@Heisen> not as bad as gundam, but nothing really happened either
<@Ryuk> the show
<@Ryuk> was boring
<@tyson> shirt a shit
<@tyson> for dumping this on me at episode 6
<@Ryuk> oh also
<@Ryuk> tyson a god
<@Ryuk> :3
<@tyson> I sure as hell didn’t like this show from the start but it ended up alright. Definitely wasn’t expecting to keep going past that first QC (and I didn’t even know it was two-cour then)
<@tyson> but here i am
<@tyson> lol i never even watched the first five episodes of this show
<@tyson> but yeah. shirt a shit

and more to come…
As for next season, we’re still deciding, but russian bear girls might be a possibility. We are desperately looking for more editors and translators, as unfortunately, our tlc for this show wishes to retire after this season. Please fill out our recruitment form above!

Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays and we hope you had a great year!


Best Fansubbers ever, (really.)