What are you subbing?

What will you sub?
No one knows. We haven’t even thought about it ourselves, and if we do, we’d blog about it.

When will you release?
When it’s done. I have a lot of projects stalled at me, so give me some time to work on them.

Can I have the subtitles for [reason]?
Sure. Just extract them yourself.

Will you release in [format]?
If we haven’t released in a format that you like, then most likely not.

How do I play your release?
Windows: CCCP or KCP
OSX or Linux: mpv

May I join?
Please check our recruitment page for details.

May I help?
I always pay for my encoding and seedbox servers out of pocket (50USD a month or so), so donations are welcome. If you have other ways to contribute, feel free to email me or PM over IRC.

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