11 thoughts on “Argevollen 05”

    1. No, not really. Puff’s PC died, so I filled in after waiting a few days for him to come back (which he didn’t until a few days ago.) Also, some of our staff is attending Gamescon. He’s been busy but we will release both EPs by tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with us.

  1. So are 2 episodes in row stalled? Update please whether you dropping or releasing more? already 2 epi out now waiting for your release…

    1. Sorry. The encode was not to sufficient standards and was redone. Ryuk is now typesetting the release before a QC is applied. We will release both episodes within 24 hours. Thanks for sticking with us.

      1. More than anything thank you for keeping everyone updated when they ask. I realize it is a massive undertaking to do this every week, so I really appreciate that you guys do this and even have the patience to keep us up to date whenever someone asks.

  2. Stuff happens; people have lives, so thank you for both your good work on this show and for keeping people informed of the situation. Keep up the good work!

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