Argevollen 01


Hey, after a short staff reshuffle, we’re back cutting the shit out of your subs!

<@fgghjjkll> wow
<@fgghjjkll> this mecha looks much better than the junk he was piloting
<@Heisenburg> ikr
<@Heisenburg> it’s a gundam
<@Heisenburg> instead of a shitty mobile armor
<@Heisenburg> or even a mobile suit
<@fgghjjkll> check out all these hospital grade sensors and screens !
<@Heisenburg> how do they get that detailed data?
<@Heisenburg> there must be a probe up his ass…

Old projects like Hagure are still at me. Nobunagun is still at Ryuk, so bother those guys if you’re still waiting for those shows.

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9 thoughts on “Argevollen 01”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you finish something I’ve been watching (and damn you for dropping KKK, you were the only ones subbing it), but I guess there’s no choice but to see how long you can hold on with this one.

    1. We have finished a few shows before. Kamisama Dolls and Zettai Leviatan come to mind.
      I’m to blame for some of the shows, but in the case of KKK, that was dropped due to PolynAzn losing interest literally after the first episode, and Ryuk stalling the typesetting until the end of time.
      Thanks for choosing us for this show though!

      1. I think I watched some other subs for Kamisama Dolls, first noticed you with Hagure Yuusha, and then there was KKK. This would be the third time, so hopefully it goes as they say and third time’s the charm. 😀

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